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Black America Summit is an event and media brand that hosts cross-cultural conversations to uplift the Black Community. Through our events and media we provide transparent channels for Black Americans and allies to communicate with industry leaders and experts to understand challenges and potential solutions.

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We host conferences and an annual 4-week summit to discuss the current state of the Black Community in America.


Follow our podcast as our host dives deep into phenomena impacting the Black Community with uniquely qualified guests.

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Join our Book Club and explore the historical connections to current societal dynamics in America.

Black America Summit II
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We are seeking a part time Event Coordinator and a paid Social Media Intern for July and August.


What People Say

“Black America is refreshing its narrative in a time where global circumstance calls on the multitudes to be excellent, in deed and character…It’s an honor to join with black voices across the country whose collective goal is to expand black territories, and dictate our place to the world, instead of being told.”

Khary Turner, Executive Director of the Coleman A. Young Foundation

I know we are in increasingly intense times, but knowing there are truly good people out there fighting for the change I wish for really does give me hope. This Summit involves riveting conversation that is thought-provoking and inspires action.”

Celia Williams, Institute Director at University of Toledo Human Trafficking and Social Justice Institute



  • Black America Summit II
    You read that right. We are Black at again with another 4-week virtual summit! Keep you inbox clear for our memos because we have some incredible news coming. Black America Summit II Weekly Agenda Until the last moment of the Black America Summit II, this page will continue to be updated with event data. BookmarkContinue reading “Black America Summit II”
  • Anti Anti Conference
    Join our first Black America Summit solidarity conference centered around the Black American and AAPI experience. Over two days interact with unique guests and experts from Black and AAPI communities across America through our interactive panels. We’ll explore anti-Black and Asian sentiments within our communities, ways to combat them and tools to build lasting solidarity.Continue reading “Anti Anti Conference”
  • Expansion of Black America Summit Brand
    June 2020 Gabrielle Jones launched the Black America Summit (BAS) resulting in rare opportunities for the public to interact with industry experts and chief leadership. The dialogue sparked honest, genuine conversations as we interacted with the public. What was once expected to be a one-time program is now expanding into an event and media brand. Continue reading “Expansion of Black America Summit Brand”

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