Expansion of Black America Summit Brand

June 2020 Gabrielle Jones launched the Black America Summit (BAS) resulting in rare opportunities for the public to interact with industry experts and chief leadership. The dialogue sparked honest, genuine conversations as we interacted with the public. What was once expected to be a one-time program is now expanding into an event and media brand.  New ways to support and engage the brand are on the horizon.

Arts Business Collaborative is now fiscal sponsor of Black America Summit

Rielle Events proudly announces their partnership with the Arts Business Collaborative. The Arts Business Collaborative is officially the fiscal sponsor of the Black America Summit which provides BAS with a nonprofit status. Gabrielle Jones noted that she’s excited that this partnership will provide opportunities for individuals and businesses to donate and sponsor programs. Donations will ensure the brand can execute their 2021 plans and grow the Black America Summit community. 

Starting 2021, Rielle Events will launch multiple Black America Summit initiatives to achieve their vision “educate, unite, strategize and inspire the Black American Community and allies. The original Black America Summit 4-week program will continue in June 2021. The four cornerstones will be revisited with a refreshed view. The Black America Summit brand is launching a podcast called the Black America Podcast which engages in cross-cultural  conversations around phenomena that impact Black America with uniquely qualified guests. Last, 2021 will also bring cross-cultural solidarity programs. The first solidarity event will be held in May. The theme and details have yet to be announced. 


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