Black America Summit II

You read that right. We are Black at again with another 4-week virtual summit! Keep you inbox clear for our memos because we have some incredible news coming. Black America Summit II Weekly Agenda Until the last moment of the Black America Summit II, this page will continue to be updated with event data. BookmarkContinue reading “Black America Summit II”

Anti Anti Conference

Join our first Black America Summit solidarity conference centered around the Black American and AAPI experience. Over two days interact with unique guests and experts from Black and AAPI communities across America through our interactive panels. We’ll explore anti-Black and Asian sentiments within our communities, ways to combat them and tools to build lasting solidarity.Continue reading “Anti Anti Conference”

Expansion of Black America Summit Brand

June 2020 Gabrielle Jones launched the Black America Summit (BAS) resulting in rare opportunities for the public to interact with industry experts and chief leadership. The dialogue sparked honest, genuine conversations as we interacted with the public. What was once expected to be a one-time program is now expanding into an event and media brand. Continue reading “Expansion of Black America Summit Brand”