Black America Summits

Black America Summit

Black America Summits are virtual events that are safe spaces for us to learn and challenge ourselves.

Black America Summits

Annual 4-week Summits

In June, we host a 4-week summit that focus on the cornerstones of the Black Community: home, education, health and finance. Each Friday, industry leaders and experts join discussions and talk directly with our Black America Summit audience.

There’s no other experience that provides this type of direct connection to leaders to explicitly address concerns impacting the Black American Community for free.

Solidarity Events

There’s so much to discuss that we can’t fit it all in our bi-annual summits! We host cross-cultural solidarity programs to delve into important topics that surround the representation of Blackness in non-Black communities as well of what solidarity looks like. Each program has a unique topic with panel discussions and questions inspired by our community.

Special Corporate Programs

We understand that many companies are desire to host more Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs, and we are happy to assist! Black America Summit’s parent company , Rielle Events, LLC, partners with companies to host DEI conferences with phenomenal conversations for their teams. Email for a consultation.

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