Black America Summit II

Black America Summit II- August 2021

You read that right. We are Black at again with another 4-week virtual summit! Keep you inbox clear for our memos because we have some incredible news coming.

Black America Summit II

Weekly Agenda

Black America Summit II is a 4-week event.

Until the last moment of the Black America Summit II, this page will continue to be updated with event data. Bookmark this page, you’ll thank us later.

Black America Summit II Week #1 August 6, 2021.

Black America Summit Week 1

Theme: Community

Uniquely qualified experts join us to discuss current social movements.

Community Panels

Police Reform II 3pmET

What’s your position on police reform? After a year of conversations around police reform and abolition, we explore the current state of the movement and public opinion. Join subject matter experts as we explore this topic.


  • Attorney David Robinson, Robinson and Associates
  • Attorney Darnell Batron, Founder, Barton Law PLLC
  • Professor Andrea M. Headley, Professor of Religion and African American Studies
  • Nokukhanya Vicky Ncube, Black America Summit

Healthy Community Dynamics 4pmET

Communities are built on interpersonal relationships, though rarely do we identify healthy versus toxic communal relationships. Unpack current interpersonal dynamics within Black America across gender identity, ethnicity and sexuality. Identify signals of toxic and healthy relationships and personal tools for building positive communal relationships. 


  • Dottie Hernandez, Behavioral Health Case Manager, Sacramento Native American Health Center
  • Taylor Bass,  Health + Wellness Educator, Exceptional Wellness, Inc.


Jessica Williams, Black America Summit

The Divestment Movement 5pmET

Over the last year, a “Divestment Movement” has gained traction amongst cisgender Black women. This movement calls into question the treatment of Black women as they call for Black women to date people who cherish them. Speak to leaders in this movement as we unpack what divestment means to them, your feelings around the topic and the potential impact on Black America.


  • Dr. Dianne Stewart, Professor of Religion and African American Studies
  • Christelyn Karazin, Author, YouTuber, Creator of The Pink Pill
  • Dr. Cheryl Judice, Northwestern University, Sociologist


Rielle Jones, Creator of Black America Summit

Black America Summit II August 13, 2021

Black America Summit Week 2

Theme: Health

August 13, 2021, 3-6pmET

Medical professionals talk about medical epidemics in Black America.

Health Panels

COVID Panel II 3pmET

2020 Black America Summit was created to tackle the conversation around COVID. This year, we explore the current impact of the pandemic on Black America’s health. Speak with public health professionals directly. 

Breaking Mental Health Stigmas 4pmET

There’s a tangible effort throughout Black America to break stigmas the community holds around mental health and mental illness. As a result, access to therapy and conversations around it are increasing. Join mental health professionals to strategize solutions to address mental health needs and self advocacy around personal health.

IG Model Body: Body Dysmorphia + Expectations 5pmET

Hypersexualization of the Black female body is deeply ingrained in American society. With the rise of the perfect Instagram body or the “IG Body,” more women and girls feel pressure to undergo dangerous surgeries to achieve the fantastical body. We’ll speak with mental health professionals about trends they’ve noticed around body dysmorphia and social media expectations of the female body.

Black America Summit Week 3 August 20, 2021

Black America Summit Week 3

Theme: Education

August 20, 2021, 3-6pmET

Educators unpack the classroom experience for students and teachers.


The Pandemic & Education 3pmET

Two academic school years have been impacted by the pandemic. We speak with educators about ways to protect students’ knowledge retention and growth.Help us unpack these issues and create potential next steps for individual homes.

Patriarchy + Infantilization in the Classroom 4pmET

Have you noticed there are subtle differences in the treatment of Black students based on their gender identity? Unpack how patriarchy, infantilization and misogynoir shows up in classroom environments and ways to combat them.

Experiences of Black Educators 5pmET

Over the pandemic, the public has focused on the student experience. During this panel, we speak to educators about their experience in the classroom.

Black America Summit Week 4

Theme: Wealth

August 27, 2021, 3-6pmET

Discuss unique ways to build wealth with financial managers and experts.


Reparations II 3pmET

We pick up our conversation around Reparations understanding that reparations have been given to different communities. Moreover, some of those communities are advocating for Black America to receive reparations. Explore reparation plans being proposed.

DEI & Corporate Workplaces II 4pmET

Netflix, Disney, Third Sector and Roc Nation joined this panel last year to discuss the efforts of top corporations to create safe workplaces for Black American employees. We check in with top corporations to see what they’re doing a year after the 2020 protests to continue to create safer workplaces. Join the conversation and be heard.

Building Wealth during a Pandemic 5pmET

Uncover less explored career paths like the Cannabis industry, affordable housing using land banks and cleaning cars and planes.  Share your thoughts on new ways to build wealth during this pandemic.


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